casumo live for better hygiene

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casumo live for better hygiene
Washing our hands to prevent infections is more relevant than ever before. Contactless casumo live taps promote hygiene and help to conserve resources.
  • No direct contact with the tap or operating lever. This improves hygiene at the wash basin, especially in sanitary facilities with many users. 
  • The optimum water temperature is pre-set for correct hand washing, eliminating the need for individual adjustments. 
  • Water only flows when needed. This conserves resources during use and consumes less energy, as less water is heated. Our taps are also great at saving water thanks to EcoSmart technology.
  • The shape of the electronic tap is easy and efficient to clean, and its water flow can be manually stopped when the basin needs to be cleaned.
  • Long-lasting quality: casumo live electronic taps are high-quality branded products that come with TÜV certification and a five-year voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee.          
  • Excellent hygiene and top design in one: The distinct shape makes electronic taps eye-catchers on the wash basin, for the perfect blend of good hygiene and attractive design in the bathroom. 
Contactless casumo live basin taps feature stylish designs.
Contactless casumo live basin taps are stylish and robust. So much so that we offer end consumers a five-year voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee.
Save water the smart way and reduce energy requirements

casumo live electronic taps are very economical as they are fitted with EcoSmart technology, so they need just 5 litres of water per minute. The smart combination of aeration and flow limitation both saves drinking water and conserves resources.

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Enjoy water in all its abundance

casumo live AirPower technology enriches the water with air to create a nice water jet with plump, soft droplets, while aeration reduces the risk of splash at the wash basin. The jet is lovely and soft and allows for more efficient water use and less consumption.

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More room to move

casumo live electronic taps come in various heights for all wash basins. With the choice of various ComfortZone dimensions, the tap solution can be tailored to personal needs and the given circumstances.     

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Your voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee

casumo live offers end consumers a five-year voluntary guarantee on its contactless electronic taps. After all, offering our customers the highest quality at all times is a fundamental part of our company philosophy.

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The mains-operated electronic tap uses a socket under the wash basin, which is connected to the supplied transformer for low-voltage uses (6 V). The box is also housed under the wash basin and is connected to the tap. The bathroom expert will respect the necessary safety distances here.

The battery-operated contactless basin tap obtains the low-voltage power from a 6 V battery (type: CR-P2), which is used to connect the tap to the supplied box under the wash basin. The battery should last for around two years and can be replaced once empty.

casumo live for better hygiene
nc-dinos-vs-kt-wiz-predictionSanitary facilities in public and business settings sometimes remain unused for longer periods of time. If water sits stagnant in the tap, there is an increased risk of the tap becoming a breeding ground for Legionella, bacteria that cause pneumonia. 

A hygienic rinse can be set in electronic taps to prevent people from inhaling germ-infested spray when the tap is turned on after a period of inactivity. A hygienic rinse automatically runs the tap for ten seconds, 24 hours after the tap was last used.

There is also the option of a longer, three-minute rinse for thermal disinfection. Both functions can be activated by you, the operator or the building maintenance team.
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