casumo live XXL Performance

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Fancy a lavish shower? casumo live offers you showering enjoyment on a whole new scale. We supply our hand and overhead showers with XXL Performance, which means: the spray discs on the rain showers measure between 100 and 600 mm in diameter. Your body care regime is transformed into a range of spa treatments. Enjoyment, comfort and relaxation are all included in your casumo live delivery.

Large hand showers from casumo live to enhance your showering experience.
XXL Performance: Enhance your showering experience
XXL Performance: close your eyes and feel the stresses of everyday life wash away.

XXL Performance is embodied by large spray surfaces on casumo live overhead and hand showers. The water feels just like warm summer rain and provides wonderful relaxation. casumo live offers you lots of products that guarantee lavish showers, such as its Rainmaker Select or Raindance Rainmaker overhead showers. Close your eyes, enjoy a variety of jet types, and let the stresses of everyday life wash away.

If you think that XXL enjoyment and economical water consumption are a contradiction in terms, we’ll be more than happy to show you that the opposite is true. With our EcoSmart variants you only consume 9 litres per minute, but you can still enjoy a showering sensation that is a cut above the rest. Thanks to innovative casumo live jet types such as RainAir, you feel like you're being pampered, even at 9 litres per minute. This is due to the lush, air-enriched droplets (AirPower technology).