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Soccer Field Dimensions (Official Sizes for Youth and Adult)

Each half must be the same length and width as the other, and the halfway line should run directly across the middle. The centre circle measures 9.15 metres in radius and is located in the middle of the pitch. Penalty Box Dimensions (Adult)

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Half way line and center circle. The field of play must be marked half way and must cover the entire width of the field. The center of the field is demonstrated by a circle with a 10-yard (9.14 m) marking around it. Penalty area

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Two equal halves of the field (the midfield line is considered part of each half of the field. A center circle, 10 yards in diameter from a center spot. The goals are marked by posts and a crossbar above a section of the end line. Two large rectangular penalty areas, 18 yards from the goalposts and the enclosed goal line.

Parts of a Soccer Field: A Primer | General Sports Surfaces

The parts of a soccer field are as follows: Center Circle The center circle is a circle at the center of the field. It measures 9.15m in radius. At the very center of this center circle is the center spot, where the kickoffs are taken in order to start or restart the game. Halfway Line The halfway line divides the soccer field into two equal areas, and the halfway line goes through the center spot. The halfway line is also known as the midfield line or the centerline. Penalty Area

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Midfield Line – a line in the center of the field that divides the field in half along its width and runs parallel to the goals. Purpose: Used for start and restart as well as for calling offside. A player cannot be offside on their half of the field. Also called the center line.

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The halfway line is the divider between your team’s side and the opponent’s side. However, in soccer, players roam on both sides of the pitch. The halfway line does have a specific purpose. Once teams get set up to start the match, all 10 field players must remain on their own side.

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In the middle of the field is the centerline which cuts the field in half. At the very center of the field is the center circle. The center circle is 10 yards in diameter. Soccer Field Size. The field dimensions and information are as follows: The field of play must be rectangular and marked with lines.

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There is an arc, the half circle on the field, which is attached to the penalty box. This arc is essential for penalty kicks. Penalty kicks are free shots taken from a penalty spot resulting from an infraction that occurred in the penalty area.