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Inning | Definition of Inning by Merriam-Webster

Definition of inning. 1 a : a division of a baseball game consisting of a turn at bat for each team also : a baseball team's turn at bat ending with the third out. b innings plural in form but singular or plural in construction : a division of a cricket match. c : a player's turn (as in horseshoes, pool, or croquet)

Inning - definition of inning by The Free Dictionary

innings(used with a sing. verb) Sports The division or period of a cricket game during which one team is at bat. 2. often innings An opportunity to act or speak out; a chance for accomplishment.

Innings - definition of innings by The Free Dictionary

Noun. 1. innings - the batting turn of a cricket player or team. follow-on - an immediate second innings forced on a cricket team scoring a prescribed number of runs fewer than its opponents in the first innings.

Innings Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

noun. (functioning as singular) cricket. the batting turn of a player or team. the runs scored during such a turn. (sometimes singular) a period of opportunity or action. (functioning as plural) land reclaimed from the sea.

Inning Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Inning definition, a division of a game during which each team has an opportunity to score until three outs have been made against it. See more.

INNINGS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

innings definition: 1. the period in a game of cricket in which a team or a player bats (= tries to hit the ball) 2…. Learn more.

INNING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

inning definition: 1. one of the nine playing periods in a game of baseball 2. one of the nine playing periods in a…. Learn more.

Innings definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Definition of 'innings'. An innings is a period in a game of cricket during which a particular team or player is batting.